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Social responsibility and sustainable development have been priorities for Umanis for many years. In the current context where the international political and economic environment is particularly unstable, security has also become a primary concern.
Umanis is committed to a continuous process of improvement, standardization and certification of its practices. Responsible, reliable and committed to its customers, its employees and its ecosystem as a whole, Umanis proves this every day.
Our environmental policy is certified (ISO14001) by the AFNOR and our social, societal, responsible and environmental purchasing commitments are assessed every year, and independently, by Ecovadis.
Our Quality Management (ISO9001) is certified by the AFNOR and our ability to deliver professional testers training (ISTQB) is recognized by the CFTL (French Software Testing Committee). Our information security management system has also been certified by AFNOR since 2017 (ISO 27001)

Code of ethics

Anti-corruption charter

Procurement charter

Professional equality index

At Umanis, we have always been committed to diversity. It is also a real strength for our company, its growth and its social dynamism. To this end, an agreement on professional equality was signed with our social partners in 2016, aimed at promoting and strengthening gender diversity and professional equality, and eliminating the pay gap between women and men.
Umanis scores 80/100 on the "Equality Women / Men" index. A positive figure, which encourages us to maintain and pursue our actions in favor of pay equality. #Vertuous Society

 Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no)Indicator valueScores obtainedHighest score of indicatorHighest score of calculable indicator
Pay gap (in %)10,9394040
Gaps in individual salary increases (in points of %)14,6202020
Gaps in promotions (in points of %)13,6151515
Percentage of employees getting a salary increase upon return from maternity leave (%)1100151515
Number of female employees under-represented among the 10 highest earners1251010
Total calculable indicators  94 100
INDEX (out of 100 points)  94 100
Pay gap (in %)
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no)1
Indicator value0,9
Scores obtained39
Highest score of indicator40
Highest score of calculable indicator40
Gaps in individual salary increases (in points of %)
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no)1
Indicator value4,6
Scores obtained20
Highest score of indicator20
Highest score of calculable indicator20
Gaps in promotions (in points of %)
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no)1
Indicator value3,6
Scores obtained15
Highest score of indicator15
Highest score of calculable indicator15
Percentage of employees getting a salary increase upon return from maternity leave (%)
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no)1
Indicator value100
Scores obtained15
Highest score of indicator15
Highest score of calculable indicator15
Number of female employees under-represented among the 10 highest earners
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no)1
Indicator value2
Scores obtained5
Highest score of indicator10
Highest score of calculable indicator10
Total calculable indicators
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no) 
Indicator value 
Scores obtained94
Highest score of indicator 
Highest score of calculable indicator100
INDEX (out of 100 points)
Calculable indicators (1=yes, 0=no) 
Indicator value 
Scores obtained94
Highest score of indicator 
Highest score of calculable indicator100


Security breaches come at a price that can be counted in the billions to mention only cybercrime. In our business, safety is the only choice of survival. It is first and foremost a matter of trust between our clients and us because every day we carry out services and projects for you. This is why you can entrust us with your information and give us access to your IS with complete peace of mind.
In line with our value of excellence, Umanis is ISO 27001 certified by AFNOR for all its service centers and agencies in France and Morocco: you can be sure of a well-managed and constantly enhanced security system.
All employees are made aware of good practices and their knowledge is tested. Project managers, developers and infrastructure experts are specifically trained. Information security is built into our project methodologies from the start. The static and dynamic testing of the software we provide has been automated to ensure state-of-the-art security as a minimum.
Our servers, workstations and communications are encrypted. Our various sites are all physically protected. Our service centers have enhanced protection on their premises, with clean rooms and partitioning on demand.
Umanis participates in joint security actions via professional associations including the Clusif (French Information Security Club).
As information security is important to UMANIS it has a Securitis brand and logo.

Clusif Afaq

Quality and Environment

Delivering services and projects that meet your expectations is our raison d'être. To ensure quality over time, Umanis guarantees the good functioning of its processes through anticipation and risk management, checkpoint control and performance indicator monitoring. Our regular follow-ups with local teams and our customer and employee satisfaction surveys allow us to measure the effectiveness of our continuous improvement process. Umanis is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
Although our service lines have only a limited impact on the environment, Umanis has implemented various actions to reduce its environmental footprint. We raise employee awareness through the dissemination of eco-friendly gestures.

Our priority areas are :

  • Recycling all our waste on all our sites (implementation of selective sorting, IT equipment processed by specialized companies, furniture restored by specialized businesses, etc.),
  • Paper consumption reduction (dematerialization, collective printers configured to print on both sides and black and white as the default setting, etc.),
  • Impact limitation when travelling, (travel policy implementation and dissemination, replacement of vehicles in the car fleet by "clean" vehicles, awareness of eco-driving, promotion of local work assignments and development of service centers).

Umanis is ISO 14001 :2015 certified.


AFNOR Global Compact

Human Capital

Every year Umanis commits itself strongly to improving the skills and know-how of its employees through individual coaching, large-scale certification programs on the main publishing technologies and training on emerging technologies. Umanis also promotes geographic and professional mobility with an entity dedicated to these projects. In order to better integrate new employees and monitor their employability over time, Umanis has also set up internal universities around subjects such as communication, management, project management, etc.

Mission Handicap

With still too little representation in the world of Digital Services Companies and anxious to change our perception on disability, Umanis launched its disability mission 6 years ago. The objective of the mission is to promote the integration of people with disabilities, better recognize disabilities, provide a more suitable working environment, and above all facilitate the work of all while respecting each other's differences. “Mission Handicap” sets up recruitment actions, specific training, awareness raising and offers a protected and adapted environment.
Since 2017, Umanis has entered into an agreement in favor of the integration and retention in employment of people with disabilities (renewed for 3 years). The purpose of the agreement is to define guidelines aimed at ensuring recruitment, integration, job retention and training of people with disabilities.

Company agreements

Umanis signed new agreements in 2019 such as:
  • The agreement on the generation contract to promote the sustainable integration of young people into employment as well as the hiring and retention in employment of older employees,
  • The agreements on professional equality between men and women (relating to hiring, career development, professional promotion, actual remuneration, the relationship between working life and family life),
  • Teleworking was introduced at Umanis in 2019. Both the Management and the Social Partners wished to promote the development of a modern work organization, in line with legislative changes and in a context where digitization is becoming increasingly important. In addition to providing a response to environmental issues, this agreement offers a new, more efficient and more flexible way of organizing work, thereby improving the quality of working life while enhancing concentration and individual productivity.
Umanis has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2008 and of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012.

Coeur Umanis

“Coeur Umanis” is a corporate competencies sponsorship program.
Umanis’ commitment is to offer all its employees the opportunity to share their skills with associations or NGOs.
Umanis launched "Cœur Umanis" in 2019, a skills sponsorship program for all its employees that gives them the opportunity to carry out actions of general interest, throughout France, during their working hours, in the service of associations or NGOs. The objective for employees is to pass on their technical skills and know-how, acquired in the course of their assignments, to volunteers working in the field of environment, culture, heritage, animals, integration, education or childhood.
This program aims to achieve two ambitions which are to participate in social actions and to give more meaning to its business as a responsible company. This skills sponsorship program also gives the opportunity to strengthen links between employees and their company.

This skills sponsorship program is also a significant attractiveness factor for the recruitment of new employees who wish to be actively involved in solidarity actions.


Umanis is also a community with a strong sense of belonging, organizing gatherings every month on all its sites, at the “Umanis Thursdays”, exchanging actively via our social channels and engaging in USport, our sports Association.
Umanis has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2008 and of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012

Charte diversité Reconversion femmes numériques


Umanis is committed to providing you with the services of top-level professionals ... but not only that! We can also train your teams and develop their competencies. Your employees can enhance their skills and obtain approved certifications in our universities, where they can be trained in the best practices and tools necessary for their operations while learning to use a common normative vocabulary. This will reinforce the trust you place in us and will allow to better match the work of our consultants with that of your teams.
Since 2017, Umanis has been officially recognized as an ISTQB training organization at the Foundation Level by the CFTL (French Software Testing Committee) and the GASQ (Global Association for Software Quality) which are both reference entities in the Testing professions. All our training courses are recognized by official bodies in each business sector.